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Pupillage Applications Open



Pupillage Applications Window is now open

Wednesday 3rd January 2024


Apply for Pupillage


The first is a 12 month Pupillage which will start in September 2024 and the second is a 12 month Pupillage starting in September 2025. The requirements for each are different.

  • The Pupillage starting in 2024 requires that the applicant has completed, or will complete before the start date, the Bar Professional course and passed with a ‘very competent’ or above.
  • The Pupillage starting in 2025 requires that the applicant will start the bar Professional course in 2024, complete it and pass with a ‘very competent’ or above before the start date in 2025.



How to Apply

Applications for pupillage starting September 2024 are to be submitted through the pupillage gateway. Any applications made directly to chambers will be disregarded.

To apply for pupillage starting September 2025, please:

  1. Complete the application form and save it as a PDF document. If you want to password protect your application form, please do so.
  2. Email your application to Remember to send a second email with your name and document password if you have chosen this protection.


Pupillage Application Form – Start 2025

Training Programme

During the BTC training course year, the successful candidate will receive mentoring and support from chambers, will be invited to chambers events and will be encouraged to make major contributions to chambers online Family and Court of Protection Newsletters.

Our specialist and bespoke pupillage training programme is designed to ensure that by the end of their training, chambers’ pupils are able to securely satisfy all the competencies set out in the Bar Professional Statement, such that on commencement of pupillage itself our pupils work with a wide range of practitioners, so that they can be assessed widely across chambers, whilst being allocated one overall pupil supervisor.

The training and opportunities provided are of the highest quality, which ensures that pupils may move seamlessly into tenancy with busy and successful practices; having been nurtured in a warm and welcoming chambers’ environment. All pupils have access to the best specialist clerking services to ensure the right exposure to instructing solicitors, as well as full administrative support.